Founded in 2015 in Curitiba

Founded in 2015 in Curitiba, we are a Technology, Marketing and Training company. We represent the result of the union of experienced professionals and pioneers in the media market for companies focused on the professional and human development of the employee.

Today, GaiaNet is an international MarTech company, operating in several Latin American countries, including Italy; helping companies like Kraft Heinz, Sanepar, Plaenge and many others to:

  • Centralize and improve internal communication;
  • Train employees via L.M.S.;
  • Improve people's engagement and productivity with gamification;
  • Improve people's sense of belonging;

and much more…

We at GaiaNet have in the logo a tree representing life, movement, and continuous growth. The life tree.

The roots represent your business's connection to the digital world; the trunk symbolizes the solidity of this connection between the real and the digital; and the spheres reflect the multiple possibilities and opportunities for the expansion of His Universe.

The platforms we develop are a living, multidimensional, gamified, innovative, interactive and dynamic ecosystem. Through this immersive experience you can connect people, share knowledge, and create new business opportunities.

GaiaNet Sxy – Expand Your Universe

Who has already Expanded the Universe itself with us